Due to the low content in fat and calories, turkey is one of the most popular kinds of meat today. We mainly procure our products from Hungary, Poland and Brazil. Always keeping an eye on quality and sustainability, we know our suppliers and guarantee highest quality due to strict regulations and regular inspections. Moreover, our Europe-wide network ensures quick and flexible deliveries at agreed times.


Popular in Europe for many years, chicken still is one of the classic dishes today. FW Trading focuses on certified quality suppliers in Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Brazil. From breeding to processing … sustainability, respect for the product and highest quality are constantly put to the test. Only the best is good enough for our customers.


Even the old Romans knew about the rich and wonderful taste of geese. We source this healthy product not only for the traditional ‘Goose Feast’, but almost all year round from select partners in Hungary and Poland. Only checked and certified suppliers are accepted as partners by FW Trading; high quality standards have to be met for that because we are aware of our responsibility to only provide top products. Companies engaging in live plucking and forced feeding are out of the question for FW Trading.


Duck is the delicious alternative for anyone who is tired of chicken. It is growing in popularity by the day because it is considerably lower in fat and calories than goose. FW Trading buy this product in Poland and Hungary; in this market we also rely solely on certified partners who commit to our quality requirements.