Unlimited variety with tradition.

We’ve been taking our time …  

Food is a matter of trust, and trust isn’t earned overnight. The FW Trading GmbH was founded as early as 1979 and has grown in a healthy way over the last 35 years. In 2004 the company became a 100% subsidiary of Karnerta GmbH and both enterprises are part of the renowned Vivatis Holding AG.

The FW Trading GmbH has specialized in trading with poultry and is one of the top poultry traders in Europe. Significant factors for this position are the company’s long experience and its balanced corporate structure; a well functioning European network of suppliers and partners guarantees flexibility, quick reaction times and optimal management for both procurement and distribution.   

Our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds : we equally supply gastronomical wholesalers, food retailers and the processing industry with poultry from Hungary, Poland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil. We deliver about 11.000 tons of fresh produce and frozen food per annum to the central European region, mainly to Austria, Germany, France and Hungary.

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